Process and frameworks is the foundation to Organizational Agility, but does not get you there in of itself.  It's working with you onsite to create the behaviours needs to sustaining long term success.  

Coaching is being in the trenches, facing the same struggles with people and teams transitioning to agility.  It's working with teams hands on to act as a mentor, teacher, and coach to help instill the skills and behaviour to continue to inspect and adapt after our engagement.  

Teams who are new to Scrum can find it daunting. They typically take 3-6 months to get into a rhythm and truly internalise the required disciplines of a new way of working. An experienced coach can reduce this time and increase the productivity of your teams. Past experience shows that companies have a much greater success rate if they engage an experienced coach to guide a team getting started and, later on in their project, gather learning points and help them move forward. 


This can be anything from one-day engagements to facilitating Sprint Planning or retrospective sessions through to organisational change consultancy. In all situations my primary aim is to help nurture internal agile coaches so that the ongoing transformation is self-sufficient, increasing the chances of success and reducing the reliance on external coaches.

From my experience, the rate of which your organization progresses through their agile adoption is directly proportional to what you invest in coaching people and teams in your organization.  Realize your ROI quicker by making this investment.  

Typical uses include:

  • A sounding board for the leadership of your agile transition
  • Regular coaching of internal ScrumMasters, product owners & agile coaches
  • Problem exploration within projects

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